The idea for was inspired by a crescendo of voices seeking a better way to define goals, quantify impact, prioritize actions, and drive results.

Several years ago while conducting his leadership team’s strategy session, someone asked Lamont Thurston, our company founder, a simple question: “Is there a way to make this process more productive, efficient, and fun?” With this inquiry in mind, a uniquely gamified process and platform began to take shape. The conceptual foundation was based upon broad familiarity with shuffling a deck of cards. Our Ensemble product provides every participant with a clear sightline to topics, prioritization, and execution via visual card cues that we call “thought catalysts.”
Gathering additional client input, we soon expanded the system’s capabilities to include real-time collaboration, quantification and prioritization scoring that flows seamlessly into very simplified project management. Our original and ongoing development philosophy is “robust enough to mean something, simple enough to use.” The business community loves the easy process, consistently high level of engagement and tangible results. One leader mentioned wanting the same benefits for her personal life. Thus, Solo was born!
As the tempo of business continues to increase and people seek more rewarding balance between their professional and personal lives, stands ready to serve as an impactful platform for your specific needs. Plan in the present, develop action steps to move forward, and realize a bright future with a process that harmonizes the way you think, work and live.