Our ensemble cast brings a unique variety of background and experience and is focused on providing custom-fit resources for your success.

"Master Composer"

Lamont Thurston

CEO / Founder
Lamont is passionate about sharing what he has discovered during his extensive experience in the financial services industry, which includes corporate banking and captive insurance. The concept of evolved from a desire to strengthen organizations through collaborative strategic planning and the unique platform has been amazing in its effectiveness and its ability to help teams and individuals achieve their goals and objectives.
“We’re driven to help people realize their vision.”
"Technical Maestro"

Jim Knapp​

CRO / Co-Founder​
Jim specializes in simplifying complexities, making achieving success easier for organizations and individuals, both professionally and personally. His advanced material manufacturing experience combines with strategic planning skills and finance expertise to make Jim a highly valued resource for our Certified Facilitators and clients.
“Positive outcomes begin with well-defined goals.”
"Creative Choreographer"​

Larissa Bateman​

Director, Client Services​
Larissa is passionate about helping clients understand the most effective ways to leverage new technologies to advance business objectives. She brings a varied professional background in digital marketing, education, technology, and the arts, combined with a genuine interest in people that uniquely equips her to work alongside clients as they strategize for the future.
“Seeing clients achieve results is our greatest reward.”
"Lead Conductor"

Ali Malekpour​

CTO / Co-Founder​
Ali is an information system guru and has tremendous experience and expertise in software design, cloud technology, connected devices, and artificial intelligence applications. He developed the back-end systems and software that enables clients to make critical decisions, track progress and revenue growth, and realize their professional and personal objectives.
“Changing behaviors leads to achieving success.”