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Define goals. Take action. Achieve results. efficiently brings together the most productive attributes of goal setting, project management, strategic planning, professional and personal improvement, and automated reporting resources, all in one easy-to-use platform, for team and individual applications. Our platform delivers a proven, repeatable process, the ability to create dynamic content, and facilitation that can be self-guided or directed by experienced professionals.

What sets this planning platform apart is a unique card deck (many people tell us it is the most fun they have ever had in business) that can be customized for specific goals and needs, encourages collaboration, clearly defines objectives, and leads to plans and strategies that are collectively agreed upon, are actionable, and hold everyone accountable to ensure successful outcomes. This structured, yet “blank canvas” approach allows the process to be customized for virtually any business or personal (and team and individual) application in which consistently achieving positive outcomes is the end goal.

Gather input, set goals, assign action steps, and hold yourself and your team accountable for realizing a collective vision. turns ideas into reality through an easy-to-follow process that delivers consistent results and can help to:

  • Positively change behaviors and improve performance
  • Enhance leadership growth and development
  • Weigh the risks and rewards of every proposed actions 
  • Drive team success through a collective focus
  • Improve quality of life, personally and professionally
  • Grow your talent base and promote retention
  • Build your business with a proven, repeatable process
  • Realize your vision with actionable and accountable planning

Two Strategic Instruments, One Shared Objective:
Positive Outcomes


conzrt | ensemble

Designed for the goal-setting, planning, assessment, project management, content creation, and outcome measurement needs of businesses, organizations, and groups. Authorized users have access to the platform anytime, anywhere allowing for individual thinking and contributions within a group setting for review, discussion, and approval.

conzrt | solo


Created to improve and enhance the personal and professional lives of individuals by converting initial thoughts and ideas into a well-orchestrated plan that leads to fulfilling careers, a better work/life balance, and enhanced lifestyles. This version can also be used for one-on-one training with groups and organizations to build competency and leadership skills. 

Those who have well-defined goals are


more successful than those who don’t.

– Psychology Today, 2018 Research Study